The Dark Table is the second novel in the internationally acclaimed series about Solveig Berg and Lennie Lee. It is a story about people running away from their past. And what happens when the past catches up on them.

Life has finally fallen into place for Solveig Berg. The highly respected journalist Vanja Stridh has recruited her and together they investigate the dirty business taking place behind the facades of Stockholm’s finest restaurants.

When the top chef Florian Leblanc mysteriously disappears, a rumor start to spread that he could not take the pressure, suffered a mental breakdown and was chased away by his own demons. Meanwhile, at the annual Gold Chef Gala, Florian’s former partner, chef Jon Ragnarsson, is awarded the prestigious award Chef of the Year. Vanja Stridh is just about to give him the prize when the lights go out. Vanya is shot down, in front of Solveig.

The police are led onto a false trail and Solveig is forced to embark on a dangerous search for the truth. Not only is she confronted with the dark forces lurking behind the scenes of Stockholm’s restaurant world – but also with her own past. The deeper she digs, the more dangerous it becomes. Who is Florian Leblanc?

Scandal photographer Lennie Lee is a free man after spending time in prison. He is now ready to do whatever it takes to regain his old place in the limelight. He gets an unexpected chance to get back to the top faster than he could have imagined – if he plays the game right.