Hanna Lindberg

Who is Hanna Lindberg?

Hanna is a journalist and author from Stockholm, Sweden, born in 1981. Her first novel, STHLM Confidential is a contemporary thriller set among the glitzy gourmet restaurants and a magazine world in decline. The book is about the quest for celebrity and love in contemporary Stockholm.

The paper pack immediately reached #1 in the Adlibris bestselling thriller chart when released in 2015 and rights are sold to 10 countries. 

The follow-up, STHLM Grotesque, was released 2017 (Norstedts)

New stand alone thriller will be out in 2020. Follow Hanna on Facebook for the latest news. 

11 facts about Hanna

  • Grew up in the same neighbourhood where Solveig Berg lives in debut novel STHLM Confidential
  • Has three kids
  • Her mother is from Finland
  • Practice Transcendental Meditation and meditates daily
  • Worked as a food editor at Swedens no1 food magazine Allt om Mat
  • Was formerly a news reporter at Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet where she met her husband, foreign reporter Staffan Lindberg
  • Was asked to record a summer hit in 2005 with Enigmas producer but declined due to limited vocal resources
  • Loves horseback riding, snowboarding and cross country skiing
  • Earned a MSC in management at Lancaster University Business School where she got awarded for her master theses on whistleblowers
  • Finds graffiti as one of the most intriguing art forms
  • Has three BA degrees - in Social sciences, Media studies and Management
  • Competed in the Swedish championships of chess as a 12-year old