Hanna Lindberg – Mesthriller noir festival 2020

Hanna Lindberg – Mesthriller noir festival 2020

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Hanna Lindberg will be a guest speaker at the 2020 edition of the Italian noir festival Mesthriller, taking place 8-19 December. Due to covid-19 this years festival will take place online.

Hanna will talk about her writing and read e chapter from her latest suspense novel Il gusto di uccidere. She will also give a special update with good news to readers who have been looking foreward to a new book.

Last time Hanna appeared at the Mesthriller was in 2017, in an open hearted talk about her widely recognized debut novel Stockholm Confidential (Longanesi) with the journalist Solveig Berg in the lead role.

You are warmly invited to see Hanna Lindberg on Mesthriller here – December 16, 18:00 pm.


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