“The new star of Scandinavian crime fiction”

“The new star of Scandinavian crime fiction”

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I’m so happy with the fantastic response to my book among readers and critics. My Italian publisher Longanesi just sent me great reviews of Stockholm Confidential. Here are quotes from Corriere della Sera, Thrillernord, Cronaqui.it, Contorni di Noir and Thrillercafe.

Italian leading daily newspaper Corriera dela Serra published this big and beautiful review on the first page of the culture section. WOW!!! Its just fantastic.   And apparently, Im not the only one to think so. In fact, The Embassy of Sweden in Italy wrote a post on their Facebook page about it 😀


Corriere della Sera Stockholm Confidential review



“Hanna Lindberg appears to be the new star of Scandinavian crime fiction” Ranieri Polese, Corriere della Sera




“The narrative is engaging, the plots are really “smart” as the continuous twists …Hanna has really amazed me, this is her first novel and in my opinion has already fully center. I can’t wait to read her next! A very good book to start 2017!”
Anastasia Frollo, Thrillernord


“This one takes us behind the scenes of a company only in perfect appearance, but tragedies and power games that appear unimaginable. High voltage, jet set, sequins and beautiful girls. The mix is served.”


Lindberg found the right pace for her first novel, building her protagonist in an original way, as well as the supporting actors. Among all, the ambiguous Lennie, who despite his apparent selfishness and a big scary secret and his clumsiness knows how to play the game to get the things he wants.” Thrillercafe.it


“Lindberg’s style is really nice, as well as the exchange of jokes and dialogues. The situations are alternated with sudden accelerations, twists and adrenaline moments.”
Michele Finelli, Contorni di Noir

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