Sekrety Sztokholmu now out in Poland

Sekrety Sztokholmu now out in Poland

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In June, Sekrety Sztokholmu (Stockholm Confidential) came out in Poland at Edipresse Książki and the book is now starting to find its readers. I hope to have the pleasure of meeting my new Polish readers soon. Meanwhile I read the first reviews with great joy. 

Sekrety Sztokholmu is a thrilling, thriller-driven action that takes place in the rich restaurants and editorial offices of the famous newspaper (…) It seemed to me that the first book is always the same. But not this time. Written confidently, with taste and expertise. The reader has no time for boredom. And that’s about it in good writing, is not it?

Maybe the corpses found are just the beginning of the big city’s secrets? The reader will find answers to these questions in Hanna Lindberg’s hugging thiller.


A great novel

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