Audiobook release in Finland

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Hello Finland – STHLM Confidential is coming for you! And I am absolutely thrilled about the release. Not only do I have my roots in Finland, Lappeenranta more exactly, I also love the country. The vibe, the food, the sound of … Read More

Korjaamon Dekkarilauantai Helsinki

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I’m delighted to participate at the Dekkarilauantai-thriller festival 16.6 in Helsinki. Hope to meet many new readers and listeners at the festival, and maybe talk a little Finnish 🙂 My debut novel STHLM Confidential will be released in Finland shortly before the … Read More

Last year’s release in Prague

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A year ago my debut novel Stockholm prisne tajne (Stockholm confidential) was released in Czech Republic and I had the great pleasure to visit Prague. It was a totally unforgettable experience and so well organized by my fantastic publisher David Lanka. Did … Read More